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Gas Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Industry: Oil & Gas
Head Office Address: No. 5, Jalan Serendah 26/17, Seksyen 26, Peti Surat 7901, 40732 Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel: 03–5192 3000

Gas Malaysia views itself as an energy distribution company, specifically Natural Gas. In Malaysia NG is primarily consumed by the industrial sectors. We do supply to residential and commercial entities but are mostly not as significant as our industrial customers which probably made up of 98% of our revenue. Sometimes supplies to non-industrial would incur losses but GMSB will have to absorb the cost and viewed it as a nation building effort.

This is roughly how GMSB do business. We'll tap our gas from Petronas (PGB) transmission lines, these transmission are huge pipes that ran from Kerteh to Gemas. And from there branch south to Johor and north to Kedah. Then we would lay our pipes into industiral areas or towns, depending on where the demands are. When a customer request for gas, if the investment to lay pipes will return back to GMSB in less than 10-15 years, the pipes will probably be laid.

GMSB has 4 main dept. Mainly 1)Operations and Maintainance, 2)Technical (engineering & constructions), 3)Marketing & support and 4)Finance. In terms of man power we are about 350 strong at GMSB spread all over Peninsula at our HQ and numerous branches.

Typical fresh graduates with technical background would start with a salary of 2800. I am not sure if that includes technical allowance or not, they are $400 until they reached senior executive level (tech allowance: $800). Uniforms and safety gears are given every year but its not compulsory to wear the uniforms, safety equipment are necessary though when at work site.

Benefits wise, for an exec are decent. $400 dental coverage per year (includes family). Medical coverage of critical illness is pretty good, i havent heard anyone being denied so far. Pregnacy checkup are covered (after 1st trimester), deliveries is covered up to $3000 for execs and $2500 for non execs. And if I am not mistaken medication coverage during birth is covered full for mom & babies. (figures not exact)

Work environtment is good, you'd get all the trainning and tools needed to do your job. People are for the most part friendly and proffesional. Not that you won't come across a few jerks, but its really nothing anybody cant handle.

Infrastructure wise: Theres ample covered parking space available even if you are not management types, you just need to be abit early to get them but not to a point that it become a competition. We have wi-fi for mobile devices and restricted internet access.

For the sport lovers GMSB boast a small but fully equiped gym which are so popular now days that there even people crazy enough to go during lunch hours. We have a very active sports club that will spoil you every months and it activities ranges from go-karts, paintball, golfs (most frequent), scuba diving to the more traditional games like soccer, bowling & badminton matches. Plus on your birthday GMSB gives you complementary dinner vouchers for 2.

Performance is rewarded with a huge bonus, example in 2008 the average worker gets 6 months bonus (these depends year to year) but those that do well got 9 months. Personally I never gotten less than 4 months. So overall we all loves our February bonuses, its hard to get but its worth putting effort into.

Increments on average goes from 6%-7% per year unless you get promoted which gives you about 15% increase to your basic wage. Generally it takes 3-4 years for an engineer to progress from grade to grade (max 3 grades: Senior Engineer), so that it probably takes your 7-8 years to reach senior grade. We've had 1 salary adjustment in 2007, which gave 20% -70% increament to all staff, with the lowest salaried folks getting most of the pecentage increase. Because of the salary adjustment and introduction to tech allownaces, I have no idea what salary each grades start at except the entry level salary mentioned earlier.

I am not seeing much movement once a person reaches management level except pay raise since responsibility remains the same, maybe the expectations is higher from the top management to these people although their responsibility levels off somewhat. Some senior engineers also commented that there isn't enough room for them to break into management, so they end up having manager level pay but they still do the same engineering scope. I guess that not really a big deal, unless we are talking about salary being capped.

In 2006 GMSB recorded revenue reaching 1 billion, I remember that day because all the staffs were given $3000 Tag Heuer wrist watches to celebrate the occasion. Even receptionists got them.

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