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Mesiniaga (Georgetown)

Industry: Solution Integrator
Address: Lot 1047, Section 13, Jalan Larut, Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 604-229 4678

Mesiniagan, that what they called the employee of Mesiniaga. I am one of the Mesniagans.

Mesiniaga or Mesin(as what Mesiniagan nicknamed it) is a local company and specialised in system integration to suit customer's business needs. The HQ is located at Subang, with two branch offices at Johor and Penang respectively. Total headcount would be approx at 500, around 50% of Malays and 50% of non Malays. Most people thought that we are part of IBM or a subsidiary of IBM, which is totally not true. However, the people who found Mesiniaga are IBM folks.

We provide total IT solutions, meaning here we provide software, hardware, business intelligence,infra setup, maintenance, outsourced and so on.The product ranges from Microsoft to IBM to even not so famous solution such as Novell. Not to mention we are also partner with network solution provider such as Cisco,3Com and Jupiter. So, when I first joined in, I really have a hard time to get to know about each and every single solution we sell.

The work environment there is quite different from my expectation(before I joined in). No Mr boss or Madam boss, we call the bosses using their names. In which I found out it's very rare in a local company. The people, not so much different from other companies. Whether it's a local or MNC, you will find the same group of people there. The over dedicated, the talk-only-but-no-action, the veterans, the sucker ups(must have), the show offs and so on. Somehow, i do feel the job scope in Mesin is too specific, up to a point(in certain cases) where if that person in charged is on leave, no one will be able to back her up.

The pay, I heard Mesin pay its employees quite good compared to other local SIs. If im not mistaken, fresh system engineer will get around RM2200 and above. Normally they hire high achievers only, 2nd Class Upper and 1st Class.Bonus?? Dont mention about it. It's really tough to make profit noawadays due to competitions from one/two-man-show kind of company, which happen to be setup by ex mesiniagan. The medical coverage is very good, clinical + hospitalization benefits for the whole family. The longer you served, the better medical coverage you will include. Same goes for the total days you are entitled take leave, it will increase after 3 years.

I dont have many years of working experience, however I would say Mesiniaga is one of the best local SIs in Malaysia. My rating- 7/10.

Contributed by: kakipancing


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