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Perodua ( Rawang)

Industry: Automotive
Address: Lot 1896, Sungai Choh Mukim Serendah,48000 Rawang Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-6928888

Working in Perodua was a great experience that I would never forget! I was able to feel and see on how much I have grown in 3.5 years I was there.

First, I should clearly mention here, Perodua is just a government’s step-daughter company. So, never expect government will treat the company same as their lovely ugly daughter – Proton. I think this is the main reason why Perodua is more successful compared to Proton. Furthermore, these make the management more careful to decide company direction, and had chosen Daihatsu Japan as their partner.

I totally salute the Perodua management on how they drive the company. They keep enhancing company’s manufacturing capability before entering to next step (self-design). They have a very good control in their quality by asking Daihatsu & Toyota’s help. They managed to get Avanza to be assembled in Perodua last 3 years. As you know, Toyota is a company that never compromises any quality issue, and for sure they don’t want their sub-con company to destroy their reputation by producing proton-like car. Good for the company, but it would lead you to work in a conducive “hellish” environment.

The official working hour is 8.00 am to 5.45pm. But, remember you have to “taiso” (morning body-stretching) on 7.50 am. This is compulsory (you may get warning notice for that). And, your boss (plus “black-hearted” other dept. bosses) would stare on you when looking you punch your time out at 5.45 pm. To “play-safe” you better go back at 6.30 pm. And, don’t ever dare to dream that you can easily get out from the factory on working hours! You better get your manager’s approval before you want to go to bank, post office etc. (and you must know how difficult it is...) Why? Because you can be dispelled from the company if caught not bringing the time-off pass! This is very hard to newcomers. But, if you are there for a couple of years, and always do things that cover-up your boss’s butt, you won’t have any problem to get the time-off pass.

I would say that micro-manage is a normal practice for most of the managers. They want to know in each in every detail on what you are doing. They do care on the result, but they also seem very eager to know on how you do it. Especially, when you are dealing with the project that involves such a big sum of money (usually more than RM 20K). Even GM level will “try” to involve in selecting the contractor (you know what I mean huh?). But I believe it’s not as bad as proton. Because, in my experience dealing with quite numbers of vendor & contractor and I usually asked their opinion to compare the “ways” on winning the project in Perodua VS Proton. And they said that, when dealing with Proton, they usually should have to ask the bank’s account number of the project-key-persons (and again, you got what I mean huh?).

The benefit? Yeah… Let me talk about the best thing of Perodua. Based on my experience, I enjoyed 4.5months bonus on my first year, 5.5 months on 2nd year and 6 months on my 3rd year working there. Based on current situation, I believe they still enjoy at least 4.5 months bonus for average-ranked employee. If you are engineer & above, don’t worry on the medical benefit. They cover 100% of your family unlimited for panel clinic. RM200 per year for dental. 100% coverage when you/your family admit to the private hospital. RM1500 can be claimed when your wife deliver your baby by caesarian, even your wife is not working there. And you pay ZERO, naaadaaa ….. for that benefit. You don’t have to buy any extra insurance premium, everything are sponsored by Perodua. Perodua also contribute 15% for your EPF employer contribution portion.

Career path? That’s one of the reasons why I left Perodua. For me, the ONLY way to precede your career is to go for management staff. No other path!! And believe what, 90% of the managers are relatively young! (30-45 years old). If you want to replace them, you need either to wish them to be promoted, or else you have to kill them! Believe me, they won’t quit Perodua easily (without any strong reason), because they receive tremendous benefit (they even get more bonus compared to us).

Population? Let me say 95% malays, 4% Chinese & 1% Indian & others. From my observation, Perodua is not racist in selecting their employee. I experienced seeing newly hired Chinese engineers resigned within their 3rd months of services. They themselves couldn’t stand on Perodua high expectation.

How do I populate Perodua employee?
(1) Try to be Kaki Bodek but ignored by manager (10%).
(2) Successful kaki Bodek which usually get high speed promotion & good review (3%)
(3) Hardworking (20%)
(4) Try to make people to see them as hardworking (but they still do what need to be done) (40%) – Me actually in this type!!
(5) Try to make people to see them as hardworking (but do nothing – cakap kosong) (10%)
(6) Bosses that try to find mistake of other division (especially on the people attitude) and they will highlight in their weekly meeting, condemning the respective managers (12%)
(7) Bosses & engineers that usually “makan” while dealing with contractor (26%)
(8) Stupid managers (2%) – this is because you have to be good enough (in term of knowledge in automotive industries).

So, what good experiences or knowledge enhancement could you expect?
(1) Time punctuality (either working hours or meeting attendance).
(2) To be the person who able to work in long hour plus high pressure. (I even experienced by just able to take my nap in meeting room, and continuously working for 3 days).
(3) You want to know how Japan’s factories control their cost, by eliminating “Muda” (waste). Here is the place!! Perodua is the ONLY Malaysian company certified as “100% successfully implement the TPS (Toyota Production System”. This honor was given by Japanese government!! This TPS usually known as Lean Manufacturing in most other companies.
(4) You want to feel the real TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance)? And you select the correct place to practice that. They even upgrade the TPM acronym, from Total Preventive Maintenance to the Total Productive Maintenance. They not only prevent the problem from happen, but they have to able to predict what kind of possibilities of problem, and prepare the backup plan or shut the problem possibilities from its root (this is call “kusanone”).
(5) Don’t bullshit perodua’s staff on all of the term of PDCA, Ishikawa diagram, project ROI, Time study, line balancing etc… even the operators can explain & practically give you example on how to do that!!
(6) Training? Don’t worry. Most of the engineers are pushed to “be” as operator on their first two months. You will be placed in each “station” and assemble the components just like other operators. And on next day, you will be transferred to other station and master new skills. The in-class training is too seldom. Nearly ZERO external training. But, you have great chance to travel to Japan (Daihatsu) for the extensive training (1-3 months). I believe, 70% of Perodua’s engineer experienced going to Japan for training, and more than 20% of them go to Japan for more than 3 times. That time, you’ll receive 8000 yen per day allowance (approx RM250) per day, while getting your salary as usual.
(7) IT? As an engineer, they will provide you a PC with your e-mail account setup. NO external internet here. E-mail to/from outsider also carefully filtered by IT dept. You should only expect to get/send only 70% of your message to the outsider especially when you attach some file in your e-mail. They seldom raise/discuss the issue through e-mail. You got something to say? Just call a meeting! That is the procedure.
(8) Smoking? Its heaven to smoker and hell to non-smoker. They even smoke in the meeting room (Japanese style).
(9) Less paperwork. Just do simple proposal paper & schedule, and present it in the meeting. That’s enough.
(10) Multi tasking. There is no specific task for you. Be prepare! Your boss just assign any task to you based on your availability, and not your capability/experience. But they still consider pairing you to more senior in bigger projects.
(11) If you are good enough (knowledgeable in TPS), they may send you to the vendors, counter-part or even Daihatsu & Toyota to audit them.(Across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & Japan)

What I hate most about Perodua?
(1) As usual, cronyism.
(2) Interrupt of “makan” bosses when choosing the contractor.
(3) You don’t even know the price of what you assemble. Everything is confidential.
(4) Lack of external training.
(5) Lack of girl (95% of the workers are man – that’s why they refer themselves as manpower?? Haha..).

In overall, I would rate Perodua as 8/10 for fresh-grad, and 6/10 for people who seek for career advancement & worklife balance. I should say that, the longer you are there, the less chance for you to be able to jump to other company. Because Malaysia does not have that many choices for automotive-related factory. Do you want to go to Proton? Forget it. If you choose Gurun’s Naza Motor, you may find that most of their managers are ex-perodua which is losers (orang buangan)!

Contributed by: Mat Selamat


Anonymous said...

Good information ...... with more insider review, ur blog will be a boom!

trincie said...

I wish i can go into perodua, but the HR recruit there super berlagak, just asking did u receive my CV the way she answering can 100% confirmed she cant be placed at front line... is really very very rude.... u got any way to intro me to get in there???


Anonymous said...

hmmm... indah kabar dari rupa je Perodua ni. Soo many ex-Perodua that initially says "I like Perodua... here is my destiny...and bla bla bla..." has joined proton for... guest what? of coz greater benefit. Just sometime don't be too much sarcastic to your direct competitors as most of the cases there is where your greener grass grows. my 2 cents!

Anonymous said...

sy ex-pro2 rawang.....dari may 2002- jan 2009....memang banyak keje hari2 ot sampai pukul 8pm....sabtu siang keje....ahad malam ot..dan seminggu malam...seminggu siang...membuatkan kurang masa bersama keluarga...

Anonymous said...

Perodua Staff: It's too good to be true.

Louis CHANG said...


This is Louis Chang from Taiwan, I would like to contact with the person who in charge of the seating system in Perodua, we have some products to propose. Do you think you can do me a favor?

Thank you


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Anonymous said...

Agreed. Me & hubby ex perodua.
Proton? Greater Benefit & salary compare to perodua okey.

100% coverage when you/your family admitted to the private hospital? Yes, with limited coverage rm6500/yr okey. While Proton coverage is rm47k/yr with medical card.

Rm1500 for maternity bill at gov hospital OK la... If private hospital? Normal delivery bill pun xcukup, half of the bill & monthly Maternity checkup pulak x cover pun.. Guess what? proton cover for monthly maternity checkup at their panel clinics. If u are high risk pregnancy mom such as GDM, cyst ect, u can follow up with the gynea/o&g from the early trimester of your pregnancy. If not, proton will cover your bill for monthly maternity checkup with gynea starting 24W of pregnancy untill delivery. For delivery Proton cover rm2k from the bill. Tak perlu claim, insurance proton uruskan....

Dari operator untill section manager & some of the manager(depends on gred) will get coupon Makan tau, perodua? Only for non executive right? :)

Haish! Penat nak cerita kl nak compare Pascal benefit.

Kl u engineer at rnd or management level at perodua, hmmm... I belive U akan jd antara org yg merayu nak join proton & company lain :) (ini yg sedang berlaku skrg...)

So please don't "syok sendiri" compare mana2 company at least kl u mmg betul2 ada knowledge/info company lain tu. Sekian. Wassalam.