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Shell (Malaysia)

Industry: Oil & Gas
Address: Human Resources Dept, Bangunan Shell Malaysia
Damansara Heights, Changkat Semantan, 50490 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2095 9144

Below is a website that I found for Shell Malaysia that was created by 2 Sarawakians. It's purpose is to act as a discussion forum for current and former Shell employees. However, the latest update end in 2006. They have a lots of articles mostly on employees issues brought to them by Shell. And the most interesting facts is that Shell issues High Court “Summons in Chambers” targeted against the co-owner/publisher of this website. Quite an interesting reads if you have time to go through all the materials.

A link below provides case study for Shell Malaysia by ACCA on 2002.

Below is some comments from a Shell employee:

"Shell prides itself with its decision making process that is based on consensus. It is not a top down organisation such as ExxonMobil. It listens to its employees and discussion is made before decisions are made. Downside is decisions take time.

Show that you are a team player and provide evidence of you working in a multicultural environment. At the moment, there are 15 nationalities in my office and we need to be receptive and understanding of foreign cultures.

Although it is Angle Dutch, it also allows other nationalities to progress in their career as long as you are good in your job. It definately is fair in this manner. Another reason to join Shell if you are not Dutch, British or American.

I enjoy the transparency in the company dispite the recent bad publicity. Employees are encouraged to speak their mind. The basic salary is RM3500, which is much much more when compared to Petronas. After 3-4 years, you might earn rougly around 6K. After 7 years, possibly 10K. Shell is also flexible if you want to move to other locations.

I have enjoyed working in Shell and i hope you will enjoy it too.

Like big organisations, it will take long to progress to the top. Competition to progress to the next level is tough becuase there are lots of smart people who are well rounded. The company is biased towards technically competent personnel (an advantage if you have a solid technical background). It is also bureaucratic. Hence, I would say that the promotion is very slow, you will need at least 15 years of experience if you want to become a manager.

SGSI is definately a great place to work."

Good luck!

A happy Shell Employee"

Contributed by: Rich-adi


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